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Welcome to Bingolot!

Thank you for stopping by our site. It's the place for online bingo like no other. Bingolot offers you to play your favorite game and chat with your friends in the biggest online bingo community.

Within recent years, Bingolot has become a truly unique and by far, the most popular online bingo place - hundreds of bingo fans play it simultaneously in different rooms and chat with each other. We invite you to join our growing club, enjoy our fascinating game and chat with your friends and acquaintances, colleagues or, simply like-minded souls. The best thing about our Bingo is that it's FREE, while you still can win real money prizes without spending a penny.

It's just one click away.

The only thing required is registering. To do so, open the game panel by pressing the 'PLAY NOW' button. Select a desired screen name, which you will use to identify yourself among other players, type in your e-mail and choose a secure password. You will then receive an e-mail, containing registration code. Copy-paste this code into the corresponding field in the game panel and you're done. Just pick a room you wish to enter and start playing Bingo.

Play now

Navigating game interface.

Once you are logged in, you will see a list of bingo rooms available. Each room can fit up to 200 players. Also, this screen provides information on the opening hours of various rooms, as well as current players' quantity.

It might happen that you enter a room when a game is in progress. You will then see the balls, rolling out from right to left. There's a list of players currently in the game, displayed to the right. Player names shown in white represent those participating in the round, greyed names, just like yours, indicate players who have just joined or skip current round.

Prizes are won for a pattern and a full card. Each game round we add 50 cents to the pot, with 35 cents going to a full card prize, and remaining 15 - to a pattern prize. A prize amount is always divided by the number of winning cards and awarded in proportion to winning players.
Won amounts can be withdrawn to your bank account, when a minimum amount of 50 Euro is reached.
Once a round is over you can get your free tickets for the next round. Each round, you can take up to 2 FREE tickets. Confirm your choice by pressing 'OK' and standby for next round. The digital clock in the upper right corner will display remaining time before it begins.

If you wish to revise Bingo game rules, apply to the 'Rules' section.

We hope you'll enjoy the game!
The Simbat team.